Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We Were There ..New H&M In Athens Presenting The Very Best Of Versace!!!

Hello Lovies:) I Really Had A Great Time Tonight and I Was soo Looking Forward To Talk To You About it!!! 2Night Was The Grand Opening Of H&M New Flagship Store In Ermou 54!!! A New Great Store that invited A Lot of People in 2Night's event!! The Party that took place around 6:30 was Amazing!! The Music,the Drinks, The Food, But The Best Part Was The Versace For H&M Line Available For The Event Costumers (Available in Stores In 18 Nov)Plus 25%Discount To The Rest H&M Clothes!!
I Have To Admit That The environment was soo pleasant and so was the staff!!!
I Have Talked to you about the collaboration before !!If You Want To Revise Check Here !!!
But As They Say A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words..Here are Some Sneak Peek Photos Of The Event :))

Oh My I Want Them All :)) But I only Got The Yellow Dress, The Black Leggings with the meandros studs and The meandros Bracelet !!! :)))

The Clothes,The Dresses,The Jackets,The Pants,The jewlery, are All so well made that actually i believe the photos give a false impression For the Collection !! You have to get to the h&m store asap to take a close look to this amazing collection :))

One more thing i loved at the Event was The goodie Bag :)) A Versace for H&M Tote Bag With a Notebook And A Folder !!!

It was a lovely Night !! Thank you H&M for the great Evening!! We ll visit again Soon !!!!
I Hope you like the few items i got !!!
GoodNight Lovies..Till Next Post !!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tips For Quick Fall Hairstyles♥

GoodMorning Lovies !!! Did you Have fun last Night ??

Today is a New day and we can start all over again !! New Day Means New Hopes New Matters New Life !!!We can be whoever we want and we can be different each day !!! Inner and outer !!

So, if we can change our inner side by being better and better every day ,the least i can do, is to help by changing our outer side each day :)) Lets start From Head to toes !! Today i ll show you my Favorite hairstyles !!!!

Side Parting
Natural&Wavy hair
Ponytails Backcomped
Side fishtails
Hippy Curly
and many more...
Which One Is Your Favorite ???

Till Next Post Lovies.... It goes without saying, i'm wishing you a
great day and a great start

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday(Night Out) I Am in Love !!!!!

Hello Lovies!!! It Is a Friday Night And Is A Night Out !!! I Had A Great Day Today and I am Feeling i should Keep this happy face on me !!! Sooo What About A Night Walk in Athens ???My Girls Are ready But not me !!!

Will you Help me get Dressed ??? I Picked up some looks that match with my own .... !!

Which One is your Favorite ???
How will get you dressed tonight ???

Hope you had a great day today and if not,i hope you have a great night 2night !!!

Goodnight Lovies !!!! Till Next Post ...

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Good Afternoon Lovies !!! How Are You Feeling Today ?? Is it getting cold in your city???A sweater, a Jumber, a Pullover, a Sweatshirt or a Jersey will surely keep you warm all these cold days that are yet to come !!! I looked up some warm wool sweaters that will match perfectly with your jeans and black trousers! I Really never consired myself a big fan of sweaters till this winter ! They are so warm and comfortable in cold days !

My advice always wear a t-shirt underneath or an other top in case you are getting warmer or just to avoid any itches that wool causes !!!

I Made some looks for you !! One for each day wearing A Sweater !!! Have a great sweatered week :)

Sooo Which one look is your Favorite?
Till Next Post ....!!!