Monday, June 18, 2012

LV Sunbeam ...

Hello sweettes !!!! Are you enjoying greek sun and sea??? On this post i ll show you one of my favorite summer 2012 campaign !!! Louis Vuitton and Poppy Delevigne, one of my favorite fashion icons, surely know well how to be chic on summer hotdays !!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Elle Italy June 2012

Hello Darlings !!! I Left Athens for few days and i had the chance to visit Linz,Austria !!! I Feel sooo lucky i visited Linz, my favorite place from now on !!!It is not only about this town but mostly about its residents ! Oh my God! I met sooo good people that now i miss a lot !Well i might post about that trip and share some memories :))

On the airport i went to the book store as i always do when i am travelling and got myself some magazines which i cant find everywhere in Greece!Among them Elle Italy June 2012 which features Jessica Hart !!!
Oh, i love this sport chic of  Jessica Hart by David Burton !!!You will too :)


Till Next Post sweeties show some love and you ll get it back twice :))

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vogue Spain June 2012

Summer days are here  finally :)) and this post will show you so many ways to get dressed ? or get undressed.... ;)) Check this amazing photoshoot of Toni Garrn on Vogue for Spain ,in June 2012 issue
  as photographed by Tom Munro in Belen Antolin styling !!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Some things... Sometimes...Some Days...

Hello Sweeties !!! How was your Weekend? I really had an Amazing Time I cannot Describe in words! Some people I love visited Greece and we had a wonderful time that got me through the weekend even they left! Some people are simply amazing and I feel lucky to be friends! I might visit them in one month :)) Yaaay!!! But when the time comes I will share it with you !!! On today's post I will show you some pictures of me ,places i love and treasure and of things I am obsessed wearing this days !!! Later on the blog the 'Short(s) story part II' continues... Enjoy Sunday Babies <3 till Next Post :)) ...