Sunday, September 18, 2011

If I Were In Your Shoes...

Well if i were in your Shoes...
and i had to choose a good pair of shoes i would definetely choose a nice comfortable pair cause after all if you dont feel rested after a tiring day whats the point?
Many women choose a nice pair high heeled just to look taller but they do miss the point!

Walking defines us and if we cant walk we look like fools to the others !So please if you cant walk on those high heels please leave them home at least during the day...
This Fall i am sure you can find those pairs you were looking for when you saw all the fall 2011 -2012 catwalks .. Yes i know they are expensive but i looked up for you ,similar shoes in such good prices.. Ready ? Take a look ! Well 2morrow is Monday and you can hit the stores ...and you will find them :) i did my research ! Goodnight And shoe dreams....

Biker Ankle Boot
69.95 EUR

  • 79.95 EU

MACE Black Studded Toe Boots


But if the shoe doesn't fit, must we change the foot?? ;p

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