Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Art Of Tattoos♥!!!

Goodmorning Lovies !!! Its The weekend !!! Yaay !!! Sunny and warm weekend!Did you make any plans? please share some !
In Todays post i thought it was about time to show you some of my favorite tattoos ! I recently had my second one with a special word for me...dedicated... !So i looked up many more to get inspired...and gathered them in a post !!! Many of the tattoos in the photos above are tattoos of models, actors, bloggers like Freja Beha, Erin Wasson,Kate Moss, Siena Miller, Margaux Lonnberg and more..
I love tattoos that express feelings and emotions in a secret way and remind us some of the experiences we never want to forget and people who we really love so deeply '
Plus There are sometimes that we are tattooing quotes and tips that remind us to move on and live our life to the fullest !!!

Soo lets get Inspired !!!! Till Next Post

P.s I Got Mine on Skindiggers ! They are amazing and i felt no pain at all !!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Clutch It Up ♥

Hello Lovies
!!! How are you feeling now that Spring Is Here and Summer Next Door? I Think it was about time to colorfull our days !!!Dont you think ??On this post i decided to talk to you about my favorite item of the 2012 Spring !!! My new DvF Lytton tyrquoise Clutch !!! It was love from the first sight !!!
Well you might say it is a small box ! But once you check that you can carry with you the more useful items and walk on style you will totally agree with me !!!

You don't always need to carry those big bags that when you starting fill in them you realize you cannot find your keys when in need !!! ;) Sometimes you only need your iphone,your keys,your lipgloss and money !And the answer is yes, They can get inside of a box clutch !!!Many celebrities and bloggers were spotted carrying it, like, Anna Dello Russo,Chiara Ferragni,Kate Middleton,Jessica Alba and many more fashionable ladies !
I Think this summer is the only bag i ll carry on from the daylight till the late night !!!
You can match it for a coffee walk in the morning , a cocktail in the afternoon and even in a more elegant event at night !!!
Do you wanna see some of my favorite ones that i picked up for you ??

Among Them Diane Von Furstenberg, Alexander Mc Queen, Bottega Veneta, Kenzo, Moschino and more...

So did you had a crash in any of them? Which one you liked the Most?? Till next post lovies..enjoy the sun and every minute of the day cause we are never gonna be as young as today

ps. They told me that some english objects took their name from their sounds !Maybe clutch bag is one of them cause of the sound it makes when you open it..clutch ;)