Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Maxi Skirt ♥ Huge Fan ♥

Hey Sweeties how is your Day today ? April is passing by and summer is not that far ;))

After matching the Denim tshirt with maxi skirts , it's time to show you how to match your maxi skirt !!!

Since last summer I confess huge fan of maxi dresses and skirts;)

T-shirts, shirts, tops, basic blouses, sweaters are meant to be combined with your maxi skirt! Matching them with wedge sneakers like Kate's Isabel Marant ones is my favorite way to walk out wearing a skirt ;)
You can be a Boho girl, a chic lady and all of that depends on the way you ll match your maxi skirt ;)

Wanna see some skirts ? Check the it girls on their maxi skirts !!!

Which Girl You Think Wears it Best??? Till Next Post Babies..Get Inspired

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