Friday, April 6, 2012

Early Summer Shoes !!!! yaaaay !!!

Goodmorning Darlings !!! It is such a hot day today !!!Just Amazingly hot sunny and inspiring !!! I am already planning a weekend by the sea !! Dont you??
Starting planning the weekend i am wondering what to pack with me ...but the most important of all is the Shoe thing !!!! It is time to choose that thing which emphasizes the whole outfit !! shoes ,shoes,shoezz !!! We are all hiding our shoe addiction, am i right? ;)

I Just found the perfect shoe for early summer days !! Espadrilles !!!! Im so in to Missoni espadrilles !!!! !!!
I personally think it is the proper shoe for early summer days ...
April-May-June welcome my new missoni shoes ;))
In the photos below i posted some espadrilles such as Tory burch, Pucci, DvF and Missoni..!!!

Do you adore them as much as i do???
Till next post ...
Dont Forget that eventhough we looove shoes ..
..its not so much about the shoes, but the person wearing them !!!

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