Thursday, November 3, 2011


Good Afternoon Lovies !!! How Are You Feeling Today ?? Is it getting cold in your city???A sweater, a Jumber, a Pullover, a Sweatshirt or a Jersey will surely keep you warm all these cold days that are yet to come !!! I looked up some warm wool sweaters that will match perfectly with your jeans and black trousers! I Really never consired myself a big fan of sweaters till this winter ! They are so warm and comfortable in cold days !

My advice always wear a t-shirt underneath or an other top in case you are getting warmer or just to avoid any itches that wool causes !!!

I Made some looks for you !! One for each day wearing A Sweater !!! Have a great sweatered week :)

Sooo Which one look is your Favorite?
Till Next Post ....!!!

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