Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We Were There ..New H&M In Athens Presenting The Very Best Of Versace!!!

Hello Lovies:) I Really Had A Great Time Tonight and I Was soo Looking Forward To Talk To You About it!!! 2Night Was The Grand Opening Of H&M New Flagship Store In Ermou 54!!! A New Great Store that invited A Lot of People in 2Night's event!! The Party that took place around 6:30 was Amazing!! The Music,the Drinks, The Food, But The Best Part Was The Versace For H&M Line Available For The Event Costumers (Available in Stores In 18 Nov)Plus 25%Discount To The Rest H&M Clothes!!
I Have To Admit That The environment was soo pleasant and so was the staff!!!
I Have Talked to you about the collaboration before !!If You Want To Revise Check Here !!!
But As They Say A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words..Here are Some Sneak Peek Photos Of The Event :))

Oh My I Want Them All :)) But I only Got The Yellow Dress, The Black Leggings with the meandros studs and The meandros Bracelet !!! :)))

The Clothes,The Dresses,The Jackets,The Pants,The jewlery, are All so well made that actually i believe the photos give a false impression For the Collection !! You have to get to the h&m store asap to take a close look to this amazing collection :))

One more thing i loved at the Event was The goodie Bag :)) A Versace for H&M Tote Bag With a Notebook And A Folder !!!

It was a lovely Night !! Thank you H&M for the great Evening!! We ll visit again Soon !!!!
I Hope you like the few items i got !!!
GoodNight Lovies..Till Next Post !!!!


  1. kai egw ta h8ela ola annie mou!teleio post!xairomai polu pou vrhka to blog sou!akolou8w ennoeitai apo to mail tou dikou mas! :)filakia polla! konstantina (apo krhth)

  2. Koukli mouuuu !!! Teleiaaaa !!! i am your follower too ;))) kisses :))